Getting around Rarotonga or any of our islands are easy!  A short bike,car,bicycle or bus ride will get you where you need to be.  We have one pedestrian crossing, no traffic lights,two round abouts and only have one main road!  Maximum speed limits in most places is 50 kmph and some places is 30kmph!  You drive at a relaxed island speed and can take in the sights, wave to people and enjoy the scenic views around Raro!  We want you to enjoy your holiday so we ask that  if you are driving then do so safely. Read the signs, drive slow and take it easy on our roads.  Friendly reminder - we drive left hand side! 


Make sure you take note when driving around the island.  Check for the speed limits  - there are signs around the island letting you know the speed of the area you are coming up to.  The maximum speed limit is 30kmph in Muri Beach, 30kmph in the township area and villages and 50kmph outside of populated areas. Please note to slow down when driving past schools - mind our little ones!  If riding a scooter, the speed limit is 40kmph.

According to the Cook Island Toursim website, to be able to drive here in the Cook Islands you have to be at least 16 years or older and hold a current and valid driver’s license in order to drive in the Cook Islands. International visitors (over 16 years) can drive in the Cook Islands for up to six months using their full overseas licence, provided it does not expire, or has been revoked, suspended or disqualified in that time. On an overseas licence, you will only be allowed to drive the class of motor vehicle that you are entitled to drive in your home country.   The overseas licence must be in English or a certified translation provided. 


If you have a motorcycle class on your overseas license, you do not need to take a test to acquire a Cook Islands Licence, you just need to pay NZ$20 at the police station, where you will be issued your visitor license. The visitors licenses are only valid for 30 days. If you do not have a motorcycle class on your overseas licence and want to ride a scooter then you must sit the full licence test.  All visitors must wear a safety helmet while travelling on a motorcycle in Rarotonga.


All applicants must provide their passport or a notarized copy of their birth certificate.  Keep in mind that that you are not the only one going in that day for your licence, so give yourself some time and be patient. The staff at the police station do try to get through everyone sitting their test that day.  

The hours of testing are as follows (which may be subject to change):

  • Theory Testing Monday to Thursday 9am; 11am and 1pm; Friday 9am and 11am;
  • Practical Testing Monday to Thursday 10am and 2pm; Friday 10am and 1pm

The theory test cost you NZD$10, Practical test is NZD$10 and if you pass your test then you will be issued a visitors licence which is valid for 30 days only and will cost you NZD$20. 

Helmets are compulsory for all riders and passengers on a motorbike, scooter or electric bike on Rarotonga only. The new law now requires ALL motorcyclists to wear helmets or face a fine of $250. This law does not extend to the outer islands however, all riders are encouraged to wear helmets whenever they are on a motorcycle, scooter or electric bike. When you are applying for your bike licence you will need to provide your own scooter and helmet. 


It is very easy to get around the island using public transport. There are two buses which circle the island of Rarotonga; Clockwise and Anti-clockwise. The buses will stop anywhere along the main road. Other than the main bus depot in town at Cooks Corner there are no bus stops, you are allowed to wave the bus down on the road just be sure to stop the bus in a spot where there is enough room for the bus to pull into and not to stop the bus on a corner.  Bus passes sokala at 5 minutes and 10 minutes past the hour going in opposite directions.  To see Cooks Corner bus schedule visit the following link

Bus fares per adult one way is $5NZD , Return fare is $8NZD or if you planning on catching the bus often then you can purchase a 10 ride concession ticket for $30NZD.  You can purchase all tickets on the bus from the bus driver. If you have any extra large bags or have luggage from catching bus from airport to hotel or vice versa the driver will charge you extra fare per bag.  


There is still something nice about getting on a bicycle and just riding off seeing where the day takes you.  Rarotonga is 32km right around and easy to get around on 2 wheels.  Our main road is mainly flat and easy for the newbie or accomplished cyclist.  There are lots of places to pull over and visit, lovely beach spots around the island to sit and enjoy ..............and not forgetting some GREAT places to call into for lunch!  Like everything, be safe and take normal precautions like lock your bicycle and wear a helmet.  Cycling around the islands is easy as the main roads are flat!

If you need to hire a bicycle then just let us know up in the office and we can point you in the right direction to organise one for you. 


If you need a ride to or from the airport let us know when making your booking we can arrange transfers for you.  We will have our friends Ivor or Ron of Doros Taxis meet you at the airport and bring you home to Sokala and when the time comes (try not to think about it yet!) to go home we will have them pick you up from Sokala and drive you back to the airport to meet your flight. Transfers cost $50 each way (1-2 person) and you can pay to the driver on arrival and departure.