Te Reo Maori

Language is very important in any culture.  It is a important part of our being.  While it is great to learn other languages, the most important one we can learn is our own language.  Many young Cook Islanders today do not speak fluent Cook Islands Maori, and we encourage those that don't to learn, and those that do, to speak it more and teach someone else who doesn't.   Feel free to practice your maori with any of us at the villas.  To get you started, here's a few words and phrases in Te Reo Maori - don't be shy to practice them with us, we are thrilled that you are making the effort!  

                                                                                            "Ka na roto i te apii e kite ei te tangata"

                                                                                                     Na Taira Rere - tata puka


                                                                                      "It is through teaching that people will learn"

                                                                                         Taira Rere - Author/Teacher


The word Alphabet means the set of letters used in writing a language.  The letters used in writing the English language is the English Alphabet, the letters to write the German language is the German alphabet and it is the same for Maori - the letters used to write the Maori language is the Maori alphabet.  So here is your A, E,Ng, (your ABC's!)


A  E  Ng  I  K  M  N  O  P  R  T  U  V


Kia Orana - Greetings/May you live on

Aere Ra! - Farewell

Ka Kite - Bye (informal/Casual bye)

Popongi - Morning (also used as a greeting for Good Morning)

Ae - Yes

Kare - No

Tane - Man

Vaine - Woman

Tamariki - Children

Mataora - Happy

Kai - Food

Kaikai - Eating

Ura - Dance

Teia Ra - today

Apopo - Tomorrow

I nana'i - Yesterday

Makete - Market

Visitors - Manuiri

Meitaki Maata - Thank you!! 



Ko _________ (your name) toku ingoa - My name is __________ (your name) 

Peea ua koe? - How are you?

Meitaki ua au! - I am well!

Te aere nei koe ki'ea? - Where are you going?

Te aere nei au ki Avarua - I am going to Avarua (town)

E no'o ana koe ki'ea? - Where do you stay?

Te no'o nei au ki Sokala Villa! - I am staying at Sokala Villas!

Lastly is a common favourite is  "Kare Manamanata!!" which means "No Problem!!"  or in the famous words of Timone and Pumba from Lion King "Hakuna Matata" 

Just like in many languages and countries, in the Cook Island s we have many dialects.  A simple but very important phrase is Thank you  - in Rarotongan it is meitaki maata (A big thank you!) and in our different dialects it is.........................................

                                ​Meitaki Atupaka (Aitutaki) , Atawai Wolo (Pukapuka), Meitaki nui (Mauke) & Meitaki Ngao (Mangaia)